House Calls

Only available on Fridays

Sometimes our patients are too sick to travel or get stressed about the thought of paying a visit to a veterinary clinic! In order to make the process easier for fluffies and their owners, Dr. KK offers a mobile service. House call vet services are a blessing for those who are often too sore to move around or too stress to come in to the clinic.

Our patients are generally much more calm and relaxed in their home environment. This is especially true for cats. Dr. KK is happy to drop by to your home and examine and treat your fluffy on the same visit. After you have booked your appointment, please ensure you are home at the agreed time, as any delay will inconvenience other clients and their sick fluffy patient. If the patient who needs veterinary care is a cat, please ensure it is kept inside so it doesn’t not have to be tracked down outside before treatment can begin.

An initial TCVM consultation includes disease diagnosis (the pattern of disease), discussion of individual Food therapy, demonstration of Tuina Massage and initial acupuncture treatment (if required). It normally takes 60-80 minutes. Your fluffy may require one or a number of herbal medicine(s) depending on the pattern of disease.

House call visits are only available on Fridays. (No house call fee within 15 km from Noosa.)

If you live outside of the free service area for mobile vet services, please get in contact to find out any additional house call charge.

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