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13-Year-Old Female Jack Russell Terrier “Bella”

  • Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Problem: Recurrent Insulinoma
  • Treatment: Herbal Medicine

Bella Godfrey, the 13 year old Female Jack Russell Terrier had recurrent Insulinoma (pancreatic tumour). After two major operations, she was about to be euthanased due to poor recovery from the second operation. However, after a few days hospitalization at Tewantin Veterinary Surgery with multiple herbal medicine treatments, she was once again her usual happy and talkative self. She is currently on herbal medicine for her recurrent Insulinoma and has been stable from 9/2/2011.

The family are so grateful to Dr. Kaori for all of her hard work! Just when we thought all was lost and we were going to have to say goodbye, Bella started showing strong signs of improvement. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Dr. Kaori’s expert knowledge and love for animals. – Kim Godfrey, Bella’s Owner



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