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Lenny – blocked urinary tract

One day, I noticed that my cat, Leonard was spending quite a bit of time sitting in the weeing position. I had to deal with UTI before and thought he was suffering from that again, so I give him some apple cider vinegar in water.

By that afternoon, I noticed that he just dropped sideways and would not get back up. I contacted my local vet who told me to bring him to me immediately or he would not last the night.

He touched his stomach and confirmed that he had a block urinary tract and that it could become lethal very quickly. Luckily, Lenny survived his overnight ordeal but that was only the start of worry. The vet told me that it was not ideal but that because Lenny made too many magnesium crystals in his urine, he was no longer allowed to eat any normal food but had to eat these ‘special biscuits’ that did not contain any magnesium. I have not personally tasted the biscuits but I could tell by Lenny’s face that they tasted like cardboard and he was having none of it.

5 days later, Lenny still refused to eat and I was worried. KK came back from overseas so I took Lenny to see her. Having previously helped me with my dog Milou, I knew she could make a difference. She gave him acupuncture and a couple of Chinese herb tablets to take each day. After a few of weeks of feeding him only sardines and turkey, my extremely fussy cat is back to eating red meat or chicken. He still takes one of the tablets each day but apart from that, and making sure that he is not in any stressful situation (which is what caused the issue in the first place), he is living a happy life free of cardboard tasteless biscuits.



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