Case study
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11-Year-Old Female Staffordshire Terrier “Sasha”

  • Breed: Staffordshire
  • Problem: Behavioural Issues & Noise Phobia
  • Treatment: Herbal Medication, Food Therapy

With behavioural problems starting mid 2006, including severe separation anxiety and noise phobia, Sasha’s issues began when the family moved and there were lots of changes within the family unit. She was prescribed anti-anxiety medications and sedatives by a behavioural specialist.

When presented to Dr. Kaori, Sasha’s liver had already been severely affected by the medications. However, after only 4 weeks of natural herbal medications, her symptoms began to slowly improve. Within 6 months of treatment, her owner could happily leave her home alone, and Sasha seemed more confident and happy within herself. Sasha currently is maintained on a controlled diet with occasional herbal medicines when her owners predict potentially stressful situations.

We were really worried about our dog Sasha when we took her to see Dr. Kaori. She was sick from the previous prescribed medicine and was still a nervous wreck! Dr. KK advised the use of some herbal treatments which worked great. We’re so happy to have the playful, happy dog we know and love back. All thanks to Dr. Kaori! – Anna S, Sasha’s Owner

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