Dog Attack
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One evening our dog Blue (half blue heeler and half border collie) was attacked by a dog. When I saw his wound, it was no shorter than 5 cm and his flesh was exposed. He was not able to move. Although it was already after hours, I knew I must not wait, and I called Dr. KK to ask her for advice. She immediately offered her time to see us.

Having consulted Blue’s wound, while she was quickly treating Blue with the pain easing acupuncture, she gave me two options; to stitch the wound in a conventional Western way, or to use TCVM treatment. I asked her the advantages and disadvantages for each option including costs and risks. Dr. KK explained so clearly that I was able to make up my mind quickly. I chose TCVM treatment as it would be less of a hassle, cheaper and most importantly would not have any negative impacts on Blue’s body.

I grew up being familiarised with oriental medicine and I have consciously chosen to take prescribed oriental medicine over Western medicine for myself, but I had never thought of using traditional Chinese medicine for pets until I met Dr. KK; there was a big ‘why not?’ in me.

What was prescribed to heal Blue’s wound was two types of powder. I was advised to wash the wound then apply one type of powder of Chinese medicine once per day (Dr. KK said the medicine has been used to cure burnt skin etc for a very long time and it amazingly does its job) and give him intake medicine that helps reduce the heat around the wound. I was very surprised at how hot the area around Blue’s wound was!

I took him home that day and next day found Blue shivering in pain. I took him to Dr.KK again and she gave him a conventional painkiller injection without hesitation; she always thinks of what is best for the animal, as well as acupuncture and massage. That helped Blue a lot. He did his first poo after the attack when we got home from Dr. KK’s place.

Continuing the two Chinese medicines Blue recovered little by little everyday. About two months later, his wound was completely better and we cannot tell where the wound was anymore.

We are so lucky to have Dr.KK in our area: )

-Miho from Doonan



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