Dakota and Jack

About This Project

We found Kaori again to seek treatment for our most loved Golden Retriever, Jack, who was then 12 years old. Kaori had treated for our other dog, a German Shepherd named, Dakota with her eastern medicine and provided our beautiful girl with a better quality of life until she quietly passed away one evening under a tree.

Jack had been diagnosed with cancer in his front toe by a local vet and had had that toe amputated. Shortly afterwards he developed another lump in one of his back foot toes and the vet quickly also amputated that toe. When a lump appeared in his foot we looked for and found Kaori again to seek a second opinion. She advised us that the traditional veterinary method was to amputate the entire leg to stop the spread of cancer. Our beautiful boy was not young and already a little weak in the back legs. We were heartbroken and believed that at this stage of his life it would have been soul destroying for Jack to have to learn to walk on 3 legs. Kaori advise us that there was an alternative way to provide Jack with a good quality of life by trying to keep the cancer in that one spot through eastern herbal medicines, acupuncture, change of diet and massage. We decided to try it.

2 years on and Jack is still going strong. He has aged, of course, that inevitable, but as far as the cancer goes, it just doesn’t seem to have progressed. Of course we can’t tell for sure but before Kaori’s treatment, lumps of cancer were popping up every couple of months and for the last 2 years there hasn’t been anymore. The best part though of our experience is Kaori herself, she just loves and genuinely cares about our pets the way we do. She wants the best for them but she has also told us that she will tell us honestly if she believes there is nothing more that can be done and she believes Jack does not have a good quality of life anymore which we appreciate.

There have been time when we have been worried as Jack has not been himself, all it takes is one phone call and she will come to the house, treat him with some acupuncture, maybe change his herbal medicine dosage and he’s back to himself again and all without filling him full of chemicals.

Our experience with traditional vets prior to engaging Kaori was on reflection, horrible compared to the experience with Kaori in your own home and sometimes in hers where Jack and Dakota have been comfortable. We honestly believe that the last 2 years with Jack would have been quite a different experience had we stuck with traditional veterinary practices but instead we still have our ever smiling, always ready for a pat, demanding boy. xxx Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us that gift, Kaori… Love the Nielsen clan.


-Nielsen Family from Noosaville



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