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Fuji is our 8 year old female staffy. She has had on going problems of skin condition, ear & eye infections, and genetic knee problems … we discovered this soon after we brought her home when she was 3month old.

She was a regular visitor to the local Vet, due to these problems, but particularly her skin condition; dry ichi skin with patches, often getting oozy wound, between toes. I was doubtful that her condition was improving long term despite these visits. Each visit was treated with regular courses of steroids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatorys every few months. We felt she was not getting better, actually getting worse…

We wanted to cure her skin issue rather than just treat symptoms. I had a good friend who has also a dog with genetic conditions, seeing Dr.KK. She recommend a visit to Dr.Kk and off we went to her clinic in early 2015 – around 3 years ago. 

I was impressed soon after meeting Dr.KK, because her approach was very different, not just focussing on Fuji’s skin appearance, she tried to find the causes of the issues holistically. Dr.KK warned me it would probably take a long time but she was so confident she could cure Fuji’s skin condition. 

Yes, that was true,  the holistic approach worked! 

It took more than a half year to clear skin patches and wounds but since seeing Dr.KK,we’ve hardly had to visit any other vet for her skin issues.

We are very happy customers, and Fuji is now 8 and a half, a bit grey around her mouth but she has shinny beautiful coat. Many people meeting Fuji for the first time still think she’s a “puppy”! Yes, she is a looking young and is a very happy dog. Thank  you so much Dr.KK!

Hi – I am Fuji’s ‘Dad’ – my wife has left a blog on the amazing work that Dr KK did for Fuji’s skin dramas so I would just like to add to this. 

Fuji took on a Red Belly Black snake bite a few years back!! Staffy’s! Fuji was immediately taken to the emergency vet hospital ICU where she was administered antivenine, but Dr KK ensured she got the best and quickest recovery after a near death experience. She was very personal and genuinely caring. I have to say I’m a bit old school skeptical of acupuncture and herbal remedies but I am in awe of what  of  Dr KK does for Fuji and all her furrie patients.



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