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I sought Dr KK’s help for my dog Magnolia, a 6 year old rhodesian ridgeback. Magnolia was suffering from anxiety and had also developed issues with her skin, after a reaction to an ant bite. Her paw developed a horrific lesion which was causing her excruciating pain…

Magnolia always hated going to the Vet. We had tried acupuncture in the past for her, but she would not have a bar of it trying to nip the vet and growling.

The first time I took Magnolia to see Dr KK, we both had to carry her into the clinic as she absolutely refused to go in!

Dr KK is an exceptional vet who genuinely cares and is quickly able to establish a connection with your pet.

It was amazing to watch in minutes how Magnolia settled calmly on her mat and allowed Dr KK to give her acupuncture. Her response to treatment was immediate with regard to the anxiety and it was quickly apparent that her pain levels had dropped significantly too. She stopped licking her paws and was able to rest quietly and calmly.  And there was a great change in her eyes, going from dull pupils to bright and sparkling.

In one particular treatment Dr KK placed needles around the area of Magnolia’s shoulder that had lost hair and within a couple of days all the hair had grown back.

Dr KK also prescribed herbs that helped a great deal as well. What I love about Dr KK’s holistic approach is that she is not just managing symptoms with drugs that so often have side effects, she is addressing and resolving the root cause of the health issue.

Since our first visit, we have had a few other issues to deal with including a strained cruciat ligament in Magnolia’s back leg. Again thanks to Dr KK’s prompt TCVM treatment, Magnolia’s injury rapidly healed without the need for surgery or drugs.

Magnolia adores Dr KK, and now when she comes to her clinic she races in the door with her big toothy smile only reserved for the people she loves most. She sits happily relaxed on her mat whilst she receives her acupuncture treatment.  It’s like she knows that she is truly being helped by Dr KK.

I’m so grateful we have Dr KK as our vet. I’ve always had animals and have known many vets over that time. Dr KK is both a very kind person and a highly skilled vet.

I absolutely trust Dr KK is treating Magnolia with her best interests at heart, and it gives me great peace of mind to know my dog, with Dr KK’s care, is in the best possible hands.

– Michela D’Addario



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