Molly and Kirra

Abdominal Disease
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Molly and Kirra- Liver Condition

Dr KK has been treating our two dogs with TCVM for 6 years.

Kira for Chronic Inflammatory liver disease which was well developed when discovered. The dietary changes, herbs and acupuncture kept Kira fairly symptom free for over a year until two weeks before she died.

Kaori now treats Molly for the same condition but at an earlier stage and she is responding well, Dr KK does acupuncture and changes the herb blend regularly in response to Molly’s symptoms.

Molly also saw Kaori for a cruiate knee complaint, which another vet had recommended surgery for. Dr KK offered a course of herbs, acupuncture, rest and massage and Molly was back to normal after about 4 months and it saved us $2000.

My husband and I find TCVM to be more holistic, gentle and specific as herbs can be made to order and western medicine can be used in conjunction when needed.

We are so thankful for the time, advice, support and care that Kaori offers, we know she cares for our dogs and that is the best reassurance. Thank you!


-Deb and Bruno from Buderim



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