Polly & Sampson

About This Project


Polly is a gentle chocolate Burmese who is nearing 11 years.

We sought KK’s help after introducing a new second cat into our home after our previous cat had died. Polly has always had a play mate but we chose a young rescue cat who has a dominant personality. She didn’t take to Sampson at all & cowered away from him, hiding all day & night. We couldn’t coax her out & knew we desperately needed help. KK treated Polly with acupuncture & herbs for over 6 weeks. She developed the skills to stand up to Sammy, without fear! Now she comfortably holds her own & has regained all her special spots, including one on our bed at night. We are so grateful to have our dear little girl happy again & back in her rightful position.


Sammy is an adopted rescue cat who’s a gorgeous black part Persian. He was used to being bullied & arrived determined to take the upper hand. Being twice the size certainly helped! He was constantly hungry & very vocal in speaking his mind & batting his sister away from everything he wanted. KK was called in to moderate his bully tactics & calm him into becoming a happy member of the family. He had also been injured, we don’t know how & developed great pain around his rear legs. A vet established he had no bites but didn’t rule out being hit by a car. He was in pain & miserable. After her first acupuncture treatment Sammy eyes became clear & he was much happier. After 3 treatments he was able to jump back up on the bed! By the time he finished treatment he could be brushed & no longer bullied Polly. They can lie together very peacefully & even seek each other out when playing outside. Remarkable! He hated his herbs so we happily pay extra to give them to him in a capsule. He’s continuing to have monthly treatments & now waits for KK by the gate!

KK has made a huge difference to our cats & to the harmony in our home. We recommend her without reservation.



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