Tui-na Medical Massage

Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine
Tui-Na Medical Massage

Tui-na (medical massage) is a form of manual therapy that is a very important part of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. It is often used in conjunction with acupuncture, herbal medicine and food therapy.

Tui-na is comparable to a combination of acupressure, conventional massage and chiropractic techniques in Western medicine. It can be used to regulate the channels, soothe joints and sinews, promote circulation of qi and blood, strengthen the immune system and promote healthy function throughout the entire body. Tui-na can be beneficial to animals who do not tolerate with the insertion of acupuncture needles.

A wonderful aspect of TCVM Tui-na is that it can be applied at home. Dr. KK can teach pet owners basic Tui-na techniques that they can on their animals in a comfortable environment. Involving owners in the daily care of the animal increases the bond between them and also assists the pet in recovering from its condition.

Many of us will have experienced Tui-na before during our everyday lives. A mother rubbing her child stomach when they feel sick is a common example. Another is when your head is tired or aching and you move your fingers are over acupoints of your temple to press or knead the points and relieve tension. Japanese shiatsu massages utilize a form of Tui-na as well.

There are many techniques to Tui-na such as Mo-fa (touching skin and muscle), Rou-fa (rotary kneading), Ca-fa (rubbing), Tui-fa (pushing), An-fa (pressing), Nie-fa (pinching), Dou-fa (shaking), Ba-sheng-fa (stretching) and Cuo-fa (kneading). Dr. KK can determine which of these techniques will best meet the individual needs of your sick pet.



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