Bella’s parents decided to travel Australia this year hence they contacted me to ask for a vaccination. Her last vaccination was done when she was 3 years old.

“KK, she is over due for a vaccination” Bellas’s mum said

After a good conversation we discovered Bella has not had any major health issues for the last 7 years. She has a small lump (apron 1.5 cm) inside her ear which has not been changed for the last few years “ (which you do not want to aggravate as her immune system is keeping it as it is) Dr.KK did not want to take any risk of this lump turning to something nasty nor to compromise her immune system with further vaccinations if this was not necessary for her body.

“Is there any chance she can have a Antibody Titre test instead of a vaccination to see her antibody level?”

This is her Titre test Result. Her number is sky Rock high!

Here is my plea to ALL the fluffy owners out there,

PLEASE think about HOLISTIC way of looking at the whole picture especially fluffies who are old and fragile or have a concurrent health issue (big or small).
If your fluffy ever has a vaccination reaction, you MUST think of doing antibody titre test or further investigation with your vet or TCVM vet. PLEASE take all prons and cons of vaccination before making a final decision.

Has your fluffy suffer from Immune Mediated Disease? Has your fluffy’s immune system compromised in some way or has it been compromised before?

You are their parents and you are their voice. Please consider doing an Antibody Titre Test for your beloved fluffy with your regular vet before doing their vaccination shot!
NOTE: KK’s Holistic Vet Service do not offer antibody titre test but there are many clinics which are happy to do this for us. Please contact if you need further information.



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