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Joint Pain
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I first visited Dr KK in November 2017 through until January 2018 when my 14 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel, Indy, struggled to walk and had lost his ‘joie de vivre’.

He had been misdiagnosed by a local vet earlier in the year as having a cruciate ligament injury and steroids were regularly prescribed as well as anti inflammatories for pain relief. However, no definitive prognosis was found.

Indy had lost a lot of his fur and his coat was thin and dull.  In addition to the pain in his back end, he also has arthritis in his elbows and could only walk short distances – and the problems seemed to be getting worse.

My other Welsh Springer, Patch, who was around 13 years old, had also developed mobility issues.

While both dogs have been on a natural, human-grade food diet since I got them from a rescue organisation when they were around 5 and 6 years old, Dr KK gave me advice on changes to their diet to help relieve Indy’s overheated body – which was caused by prolonged use of steroids and other medications.

With the recommended diet changes, acupuncture and TCVM,  within a few months, Indy’s bright red tongue went back to a healthy pink colour, his fur grew back thick and shiny, and both he and Patch had improved mobility.

Following a few months’ break from our sessions, I returned to Dr KK in April 2018 when my dog Patch had increased mobility issues from a spinal issue which was causing nerve pain. Another vet prescribed a drug which has a list of terrible side effects and while I did not want Patch to be in pain, I did not want to use the drug.

Dr KK gave both Patch and Indy weekly acupuncture sessions for five weeks with subsequent sessions at longer intervals – in addition to taking Chinese herbal medicines and continuing their natural diet.

The improvement in the mobility of both dogs is clearly noticeable – not only by me, but friends have commented on it. It is particularly gratifying as winter time is when their joint issues generally worsen.

Dr KK’s knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine enables her to understand the medical options given to pet owners by general vets. This understanding then enables her to provide a holistic solution using traditional healing alternatives. Her bedside manner with the ‘fluffies’ is gentle but confident which makes the dogs very calm during their acupuncture sessions. And at home after the sessions, my boys are physically and mentally relaxed.

Lisa from Bribie Island



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