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Joey – Idiopathic Eye Disease

Dear Dr KK,

Joey is my very best friend in the whole world. When he develop a growth in his eye at the age of 10 I took him to the vet then they sent us to a very experienced well know Ophthalmology Surgeon(eye doctor) When he told me Joey had a growth that he had never seen before in his 28 years of practice and the only thing he could do to find out what was causing it was to remove him eye I felt very guilty that I may have not looked after Joey properly. Because at that time the Surgeon assured me at this stage Joey was not feeling any pain as his eye was not squinting I decided not to have the eye removed. A few months later a friend saw Joey and noticed his eye, she told me about Dr KK which at the time I had never heard of TCVM treatment so at our first appointment Dr KK had her work cut out to convince me that she could make a difference. 2 years later Joey goes in for his 6 weeks appointment with Dr KK to have his acupuncture and stock up on his Chinese herbs. His eye has improved in a way that there is no white film covering his eye, it has not completely gone and probably never will but I no longer feel guilty as I can see Joey is a happy health old boy at the age of 12 enjoying his golden years.

Thank you Dr KK, xx from Joey and I.



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