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Ky is a spritely geriatric Jack Russell X who turned 16 years old in September 2017. You wouldn’t believe it now, but she was a tri-colour! She loves regular walks on the beach and her Saturday morning outing to the markets. Ky has enjoyed a healthy life, even with the aging process she has experienced few health incidents. On the occasions that she has required vet treatment, she has responded promptly to a combination of acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbs.

I love the fact that it doesn’t matter what the reason for the vet visit, the acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbs make a remarkable change; for me it shows the simplicity of the treatment, yet it demonstrates just how complex and all-encompassing the treatment is at the same time. Our personal experience of past treatments has been very positive and non-threatening, Ky is quite happy to stand still for the acupuncture treatment and demonstrates increased energy following treatment; she usually runs around the clinic!

I attribute Ky’s vitality and wellbeing to feeding her whole foods and giving her a maintenance dose of Chinese herbs to sustain her health. I have experienced firsthand the health benefits of eating wholesome food myself; ours dogs are valued members of our family and I wish to afford them the same benefits. I have found over the years that the combination of whole foods and the Chinese herbs keeps our dogs very stable. Regardless of the change in season, extreme temperatures, times of being dog sat by others, or just getting older; they enjoy a happy, healthy life and rarely require other interventions.

Thanks KK for helping to keep our furry friends in great health xx



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