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Alfie – Severe  Skin , Kidney and Liver Disease

Not enough words to say how incredible and special a vet Dr KK is! This wise, gifted animal whisperer is the stuff doggy dreams are made of.

We were fortunate enough to be referred to KK by our vet as a last shot, but unfortunately for us all, too late in our special mate Alfie’s life. Alfie was around 15 and 1/2 years at the time. We had had a rough road with Alfie for 3-4 years by that stage, his persistently worsening itch over the years had turned into severe, full blown atopic dermatitis, as well as having unconventional small seizure type episodes and liver deterioration.

We had tried everything you possibly could imagine for our little guy by that stage.

Between the brutal side effects of phenobarbitone and cortisone and other stresses, Alfie had plummeted into near complete liver failure by the time we met KK.

On our first visit, KK told us Alfie’s life-force was remarkably still in full swing; he was stubborn as anything, and not planning on checking out any time soon! KK immediately started treating Alfie with acupuncture, diet changes, tuina massage exercises by us at home and the correct Chinese herbs. Alfie’s liver function bounced back from the brink of complete failure to near normal and we were able to get him off the anti-seisure meds almost immediately with her amazing Chinese herbal formula, an astonishing and quick result.

She then introduced a number of other Chinese herbal formulas that not only were gentle on his elderly body, but without a shadow of a doubt extended his life AND the quality of his life. They improved his well being immensely, including throughout senior’s kidney disease soon after.

Alfie’s went from a very anxious dog, who was highly panicked being at a conventional vets, to one that was chilled and was completely at ease and peaceful when visiting KK.

When a highly anxious furry can be non-phased when visiting a vet, you know that you’ve already won – they have an innate sense about who is good for them and there’s no doubt animals love KK.

While KK wasn’t able to cure Alfie, her genuine love and care of him in conjunction with her treatments and TCVM, and Alfie’s own immense fighting spirit saw him bounce back and hang on in relative comfort for another 18 months, until the beautiful age of 17 years and 3 months, when he left us very quickly from end stage kidney deterioration.

If we hadn’t of met KK, I have little doubt our little guy would have been gone long before he did. There was a huge amount of respect between KK and Alfie, and those final 18 months were an equal team effort between all of us that showed. As your animal’s family & guardian, what more could you want than this? She’s in it with you for the entire journey in ways other vets are not.

All I can say is if your animal has an injury, condition, disease or has received a prognosis, if your animal is unwell, or if you want your furry to have quality of life (either pre-emptively from when they’re young or after a diagnosis), don’t hesitate – get them to KK, get HER assessment, and find out how she can provide a better, healthier, more holistic line of treatment. Sure, it’s not cheap with all the formulas and diet and fine-tuning it, yes it’s time consuming and requires effort to do the pills and food and take them for acupuncture. But it’s simple. It’s effective. It’s healing for them. It gets results. Our animals deserve that care.

As long as KK is around, there is always hope and a way to better way to handle things. I have watched KK treat her patients with some miraculous outcomes when no hope was given (some of her cases would leave you truly you gobsmacked, defying science and the odds).

If you love and respect your animal family and want them to have the best quality of life possible they are relying on you to give them for, talk to KK. I believe animals are wiser than we are; I know they would choose KK and what she can do to help them, if they were given the choice.

TCM has been around for thousands of years for a reason – IT WORKS. I truly hope I see the day it becomes a standard practice for treatment in vet clinics around the world. Thank you KK for opening my eyes and all you did for Alfie and for us.

With massive respect.



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