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Hello from Buster

Up until the age of five, I had a hard life spending at least a year living rough on the streets. Then I got taken to the pound, which is where my new mum found and adopted me. Lying in the warmth, safe, sound and fed was all I needed… well apart from the new soft bed and lots and lots of loving.

Life was good and still is but I’ve had some ups and downs along the way but mum has always been there to protect and love me… I’m a little sleepy now and it’s my third nap time of the day so mum will tell you the rest.

Hello from Buster’s mum

I fell in love with Buster the moment I saw him in the RSPCA pound in Basingstoke, UK. He was stunning, friendly and a big softy despite his size. Nine years on, he still is all of those things and more. I love him to bits.

He was cautious at first but after spending four days under the kitchen table with him, he came out of his shell and took to life in a happy cat home like a duck to water. Even now, he still appreciates a warm soft bed and big cuddles.

He was a happy boisterous boy, roaming the countryside and bringing ‘presents’ back for him mum. I still can’t believe how he managed to get himself and a live pigeon through the cat flap at the same time!

When he was about 8 years old, Buster lost his right eye from a cataract but that didn’t stop him from enjoying himself, although he lost a little bit of confidence when he was out and about.

That was until a couple of new kids on the block turned up! The two cats bullied him every time he went out of the house and he needed stitches on at least two occasions. He became very timid, reserved and easily frightened. He lost weight drastically, was scratching excessively and pulling his hair out. He wasn’t happy at all. It was heart breaking to see my boisterous boy suffering.

A trip to the local vet diagnosed him with Urinary Stress Cystitis. A course of antibiotics, pain killers and zylkene later, Buster was sent home. Zylkene helps pets cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations or before occasions such as a change in their normal environment. This all helped initially but it got to a stage where he wasn’t improving. He wasn’t getting worse but he wasn’t getting better either. He just wasn’t happy.

It was then that I got in touch with Dr KK and asked for her help. She was wonderful, very sympathetic and promised she would do everything she could to help him. Together, we discussed his problem and decided what Herbal Medicine and Food Therapy would help him the most and get him back on track. Dr KK sent Buster’s herbal medicine straight away and thankfully, UK Customs didn’t delay it so Buster could start his treatment within a couple of weeks.

Within six weeks of taking the herbal medicine, Buster had improved so much. His fur was so much better and in a lovely condition. He had stopped excessively licking and returned to normal grooming. He still liked and needed his space but he was gradually getting more interested in his surroundings.

After 12 weeks, Buster had found his inner kitten again. He was hunting, stalking, pouncing and killing any leaf that moved. My heart was full again as it had felt like a very long time since I had seen him do that. I hadn’t taken a picture of Buster when he was ill, I didn’t have the heart to do that. But we took this one shortly after the 12 weeks and, most unlike him, he posed especially for this so I could send it to Dr KK.

Buster is still the boy in my life and fills me with joy every time. He still occasionally has relapses when something out of the ordinary happens and starts losing weight and licking again. But a few days of Dr KK’s herbal medicine sets him back on the right track.

Thank you Dr KK, I have no doubt that he would not be here if it hadn’t been for you. I love you for giving Buster back to me.


-Lisa from UK

P.S. By the way, Buster is Dr. KK’s fluffy nephew 🙂



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