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Chronic Renal Failure
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My cat Dash was 11 years old when first diagnosed with renal failure. That didn’t seem to affect him at all for two years, until one day, his appetite started to fade, and he seemed to be in periods of discomfort. The vet’s advice was to “make him comfortable” while waiting for someday in the future to put him down, presumably when both Dash and I had suffered enough from the painful process of slow death.

I knew nothing could fix his kidneys, but believed there must be wholesome ways of relieving pain and discomfort while waiting to die. Then I found Dr KK online, and that blessed discovery improved Dash’s and my days in the last 6 months of his life.

The thing that made me a 100% believer in holistic veterinary was what Dash did as soon as DR KK removed the acupuncture needles from his body. He got up, stretched and leapt right off the table with his old grace and strength, walked over to his feeding station, looked at us and started yelling for food. This was a cat who had been off his food and was in too much discomfort to move for a week. With one session of needles, he got his appetite for life back.

After that, Dr KK treated Dash regularly with needles and herbal pills (spending 2 hours each visit on the road because Dash could not travel). Dash spent the rest of his days being mostly his old active foodie self, and was only in obvious discomfort in the last week of his life.

I am very grateful to have had Dr KK with us during Dash’s final journey. She took away so much of the stress and pain, there was always more life, until death came naturally and inevitably. Dr KK is a dedicated and effective vet, with a generous compassionate soul. Her passion for fluffies of all kinds stands out from the many vets I have met. All my future animals will have her as their vet (the lucky things); I only wish she could be my doctor too ;P

– Chingwei Chen from Maleny



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