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I am so grateful we have KK’s services on the Sunshine Coast.  Enzo at 11 years of age had very, very high ALT levels so we knew something was amiss.  We investigated the liver with Ultrasound but nothing showed up, but we knew it was something serious as he was losing weight rapidly and  his head was losing muscle.  We were in the dark really of what was going on so sought KK’s advice.  His pulses were very weak and she explained that his life force was very low. The herbs she prescribed really picked him up quickly.

It was evident though that Enzo though still needed some pain assistance and was comforting that KK could offer advice on balancing the herbs with his medication as well as working on his body holistically with acupuncture.  It eventually transpired that he had lung cancer and so KK could be more specific with cancer herbs.  You never give up on your pet and I was always exploring different types of cancer remedies and KK was my great sounding board.  As you know it becomes overwhelming so I was grateful to be able to talk to KK about the process.

Our regular vet was always surprised when Enzo came to visit for a weekly weigh in as he was putting on weight and seemed really happy and alert, despite the ravages of cancer showing in his body.

We became aware of his illness in March last year and he passed away in January, so we are so appreciative to KK with her ongoing herbs and acupuncture to have given us so much extra time to spoil and love him and for him to be so stable til the end.  It brings a tear to my eyes to write this as miss him to bits.  Cancer is such an insidious disease,  but hopefully this gives you some insights into what is possible with KK and an holistic approach.

-Deb Chappell from Peregian Springs



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