Abdominal Disease, Arthitis, Unusual
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GONTA  is 13 years old Miniature English Bull Terrier.  He came to our family when he is two months old.  He has been having multiple health issues since he turned one years old.  He has joint problem called Osteochondroisis on both hocks which causes arthritis all over his body, Enlarged heart with very slow heart rate, multiple allergy,  and chronic dermatitis.  He sometime visited Emergency Centre with acute gastritis which we never find cause of this. These all health issues happened by he was only 3 years old.  But we are lucky enough to see a very good holistic vet in our local area.  We managed his condition under control.

March 2014, Gonta was 8 years old,  During his usual health check, the vet found a swollen lymph nodes on back of both hind legs.  Gonta had few test including biopsy, but all test came back normal.  The vet recommended to remove those lymph nodes surgically, but I could not agree him to have the surgery.  I sought other option then my friend introduced to see Dr KK who is specialized Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

It was very interesting diagnosing with TCVM.  Gonta is used to have acupuncture but Dr KK spend a good amount of time to have a chat with me how he is, what he eats, and so on.  Dr KK hardly uses stethoscope.  She checks the colour of his tongue, touch thorough out his body, then she makes diagnosis.  His diagnosis by TCVM are “ Yang deficiency” and “Phlegm Stagnation”  It was hard to understand what the diagnoses mean, but Dr KK gave him acupuncture and Moxibustion. Also she advised me about Food Therapy and daily massage. She gave me the list of food I can cook for him and thought me where are the acupressure points and how to gave him a massages.  These are to improve his overall health on daily basis which I can do them at home every day.

2 weeks after I started daily treatments at home with good healthy food,  I could see his condition started to improve.  All his conditions are chronic,  I knew that he could not improve dramatically but I could see him better and better everyday.  And He is obviously happier.

He is now 13 years old.  He is spending a day more relaxing and slower than he used to be.    I cannot believe that he still with me…. My friends who knows Gonta also surprised he is still alive!!!!  His all medical conditions are under control. Even he becomes sick,  Dr KK is always here to help us.  I don’t have to worry about too much. I’m hoping that he can spend his golden ages with a lot of happiness.

Thank you Dr KK

We love you

-Gonta and Yuki from Gold Coast



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