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We would like to thank you KK for coming to visit our furbaby Harry on Monday. The difference in our boy is simply amazing!! He is now breathing comfortably and is actually eating after a week of eating almost nothing! Your warm approach and gentle nature are second to none and we are so so appreciative.

To see our boy being so calm whilst having acupuncture was incredible.

I will be spreading the word!

Take care and again, thank you so much! 🐾

I just wanted to say thank you in particular to a couple gorgeous souls who have been so supportive in the last few weeks of our Harry cat’s life.

Firstly, thank you Rod for being there and checking on Harry throughout the days whilst I was at work feeling so so guilty that he was on his own. And also for always been his ‘Me’ whilst Rob and I have been away at times. You, not being a cat lover, have always made sure he was fed, watered and patted in our absence. I’ve said it a few hundred times, but thank you so, so very much. You have no idea how much it means to me xx

And to Kaori Kanemitsu. Your dedication to the health and well being of furbabies is second to none. Your ability to assist in the recovery from illness is amazing. Acupuncture and your Chinese herbal medicines helped Harry last year and gave us another year with our furbaby.

What you have done for Harry and us in the past two months, I shall never forget. Even making house calls cos Harry didn’t travel very well. Funny how he hardly made a peep on the one trip we made to you. He knew you were the one to help him get better, then to make him comfortable.

Your love for the four legged souls is outstanding and your ability to calm their minds then treat their bodies is a pure joy to watch. I will actually miss seeing you Dr KK, but I will continue to proudly let everyone know who to turn to to assist their furbabies. Much love and gratitude KK. I don’t know any vet who has costantly kept in contact with their fur clients like you do and have xx

And to Sophia, Dawn, Tom and Sheree at Yandina Veterinary Clinic, thank you for your support and efficient and caring way with Harry. Right up until his journey over the rainbow bridge. I am eternally grateful 🐾🐾

Here’s to a fabulous life in Heaven Mow Mow. We will always have you in our hearts Harrycat xx💞💞💞

-Tracy & Rob from Yandina



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