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Milou – Auto-immune disease causes flaking claws

Whilst I was seeing the Vet for Milou’s vaccines, I mentioned that she was licking her paws and that two of her nails were very brittle. She said it was normal.

A few days later, I noticed more nails becoming brittle but when I showed that same vet, she said she didn’t know and that it was probably normal.

I was dissatisfied with that, so I googled and found a couple of american blogs that mentioned the same thing and said that it was a rare auto-immune disease. If not treated, all of the nails would soon come off. All that would be left would be very painful and bleeding nail beds. They also said that the only way to diagnose it was to remove the dew claw to do a biopsy.

I contacted the Vet surgery and got another vet who was much more willing to investigate further.

She contacted a specialist and with his help, she organised a test.

Milou had all 4 of her dew claws and they were pretty loose anyway so I ok’d to have them removed. The biopsy came back positive for the condition.

By that stage all Milou’s claws were splitting and flaking and a lot were bleeding. I was told she would need cortisone injections and would have this condition for a while if not always.

I had heard a lot of positive reviews about KK and decided to see if she could help. She prescribed acupuncture, some herbal medicine and changed Milou’s diet. None of it was difficult to do as it
was all natural foods and easy to dispense herbal medicine tablets hidden in the meal. I also gave her the immune booster and the correct vitamin C powder instead of flea and tick treatment, and
natural worming drops instead of the tablets sold in the shops, ensuring that she does not have any chemicals in her body.

Within an amazingly short time, a few months, Milou’s condition changed dramatically. Her nails were no longer flaking or bleeding and we were able to stop the treatment. She is still eating the
same type of healthy foods. The condition may reoccur in a few years time, I am aware of that, but if it does one day, I know I can go back to KK and have non-invasive treatment.

The important thing to note also is that I did not need to get the biopsy done to get the correct treatment done by KK, she would have been able to diagnose the problem without it thanks to

KK is a really lovely Vet who shows profound care for the animals she treats and because she has studied both Western and Eastern Vet medicine, she is able to give the best of both worlds when it is applicable. I feel truly blessed to have her here in the Sunshine Coast and that she was able to make such a positive difference to Milou’s life.


-Niki from Cooran



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