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Hip Dysplasia
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In 2014 I became the proud owner of a beautiful male welsh corgi pembroke pup named Panja. He was very healthy and active, but we noticed a slight abnormality in his gait. There was a bit of swing in his hips and “bunny hopping” when he ran. It actually looked very cute, but we realised he needed to be checked out. At 4 months he was diagnosed by a specialist with HD (Hip Dysplasia), a condition where the ball and socket of the hip joint are malformed, causing a looseness in the joint rather than a nice tight fit. This can lead to a lack of mobility and painful arthritis. It was confirmed in both hips, being more pronounced on his right side.

At that stage there was no pain and he could walk quite normally, but his physiotherapist told us that he must not do any strenuous activities that placed stress on his joints such as running and jumping….and definitely no running on the beach. This seemed to close off most of the joyous things he could expect to come in his life. We wanted to do the best to give him a happy and healthy life.

We were advised of a surgical procedure, but it seemed very invasive and weren’t too sure about the long term viability.

We consulted with Dr KK and formulated a long term treatment plan to give him the best chance of leading a normal life. With her holistic approach we combined regular acupuncture and TVCM with a nutritional and physical exercise regime to optimise bone growth and muscle development to provide the best structure and support for his joints.

Now, at 4 years of age, he is still in fine condition, without any indication of pain in his joints. He is very happy and active and even enjoys participating in some dog sports!

All too often with people’s pets (as well as people ourselves), we don’t take action until a major problem or illness presents itself. By then it might be difficult to treat or cure. By being more aware our pups’ health and history and knowing which breeds are susceptible to certain ailments we may be able to take preventative measures to ensure a healthy adult life.

Dr KK is commonly confronted with elderly dogs with severe conditions. She does an amazing job treating them. She has a huge amount of knowledge and is continually studying and researching. Her holistic approach means she is also very capable and passionate about preventative  treatment. I am very grateful to Dr KK for all her assistance. I know that the early intervention, with her expertise, has made such a difference in the quality of Panja’s life.

-Chisato & Marty from Bli Bli



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