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My partner and I met a little fluffy boy named ‘Raff’, he was my friends companion and we instantly fell in love with him. Unfortunately my friend could not pay the vet bills for him as he suffers from ‘Hip Dysplasia’ as well as a terrible food allergy that caused him nasty red blistering rashes on his feet;  we couldnt let him go to anyone else, so we took him in. He has the brightest and happiest personality even though he was suffering in pain with twisted hips and a twisted spine.

The western medicine vet we took him too told us that it was the worse case of hip dysplasia that she had seen and told us that we may need to put him down in the near future if we couldnt afford the huge surgery he needed, we were given antibiotics and steroids for his allergy symptoms, and anti-inflammatories for his hips. This shocked me and I started researching other avenues that we could follow, I wanted to see if accupuncture would help him as it has helped many people I know, I found KKs practice easily enough online and made an appointment for him straight away.

His first appointment was amazing, KK was so gentle and kind to ‘Raff’, he knew that KK was helping him. After the accupuncture, we were shown some accupressure points and a massage routine to use on ‘Raff’, we were given some herb formulas and were instructed on some food therapy. After this first accupuncture appointment and the first week of the food therapy and massage routine, we were amazed at how much raff was improving, his spine was flatter than it had ever been, and his legs had somewhat turned back into the his hip sockets, it was so exciting, he also seemed in less pain and his allergy symptoms had nearly completly disappeared.

Raffys condition is a hard one to care for as it is on going, however with KKs help, we have been able to give him a chance at a long happy life and are able to manage the condition without using heavy pain medication and other pharmaceuticals. I am so grateful that KK has put so much effort and time into becoming such an incredible learned TCVM practitioner.

-Karissa Brady



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