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Rolls RoyceJack Russell x Mini Fox Terrier – Born July 2009

In late October 2013 Rolls started shaking with small tremors over her body which ended up over a period of four days being visible shaking over her entire body, head and neck included.

She was very stressed and frightened by the shaking and we took her to our local Vet to see what was wrong. Originally there were thoughts that she might have sustained a spider or snake bite – so her blood was tested and she was treated with hydration. When the tests came back negative for poisons and bites the Vet suggested that she might possibly have Small white shaker dog syndrome.

Rollie was referred to the Specialist vet at Tanawha for confirmation of this syndrome or diagnosis in another direction. Diagnosis of the Shaker syndrome is via a spinal fluid test and involves a
spinal tap and it is a neurological condition that is not contractable.

Rolls had the spinal tap and was kept for three days at the clinic with the instigation of high doses of Prendesone. The Prendesone was to be continued for 12 months – 6 months of high dosage and then gradual lessening of the dosage as the shaking came under control.

When Rolls was taking the Prendesone she would stare at the side of the couch or the wall of a cupboard for hours, she was lethargic and bad tempered. Her personality changed from a loving, gentle, happy dog to a sleepy, grumpy and fearful dog. She was shaking, frightened and unhappy.

Although the treatment worked initially the shaking returned mid 2015. Our family made a decision that it was sink or swim time for her ie., we were going to seek a holistic, more natural form of treatment and if that didn’t work then we would face the horrendous decision of having her euthanized. But NO drugs.

I read about Dr KK and made an appointment. Her treatment consists of acupuncture, Chinese medicine and diet. She has shown an immense improvement, after an initial set back, and is now in close to peak condition. Her shaking persists but is nearly un-noticeable except when she is very tired or cold and the shaking is not constant nor are the movements violent. Her personality is coming back to the happy best friend and companion that she was pre-drugs.

I believe that we will conquer this condition and the subsequent after-affects of the Prendesone treatment. I thank Dr KK so very much for saving our dogs life in more ways than one and for being such a caring and concerned Vet and person.

Rollie’s Story:

Rolls Royce is a beautiful, intelligent and loving Jack Russel x Mini Fox Terrier female dog. She is small, compact and usually healthy and active.

In the last week of October 2013, we noticed that Rollie had a small tremor in her hind quarters. As she loves to walk on the beach in the mornings and go to the industrial park and chase the ball of an evening, we assumed that she had overdone her exercise. We enforced rest.

Her shaking continued to get worse over the next few days, and by the Friday, 2nd November, even her head was shaking visibly and uncontrollably. She was quite distressed about this – looking to us for guidance. There was a lot of stress in our family at that time as my Mother died on the 3rd November, so even though we knew Rollie needed urgent treatment, we had other pressing worries and arrangements to make (the 3rd was a Saturday).

On Monday morning, we requested an urgent Vetinary examination from our Local vet who had been looking after Rollie since shortly after she came to be in our family. The Vet performed blood tests and count, kidney function tests and monitoring, and tested for known pathogens and a variety of venoms. The Vet advised that it was possible that Rollie was suffering from “Short White Hairy/Shaker Dog Syndrome”.

“Shaker Syndrome” is named for its description of the symptoms, and the fact that it mostly affects small, short white hairy dogs, although it is not confined to this colour of coat or any specific breed. The syndrome is an inflammation of the part of the brain that is responsible for co-ordination and control of muscular movements. This condition is not contagious and it’s origins are not really known.

We were told that the only way that this could be ascertained for sure was if Rollie had a Spinal Fluid Test (tap) taken for examination of the nervous system. This treatment was performed on Monday afternoon at the Emergency Vet at Sippy Downs where she stayed for the next three days.

The condition was confirmed and treatment started which was oral administration of increasing doses of Prendisone and Valium, as a muscle relaxant and ease of anxiety. Over a period of 12 months Rollie ingested this medication and the worst of her shaking subsided. After this period she was gradually weaned from the medication, but it had lasting permanent side effects.

These included long periods of vacant staring, heightened anxiety, short-temperedness and an unwillingness to exercise or leave the house.

We heard about Dr KK and decided to give Dr KK’s treatments a try. These included administration of specific Vitamins, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, specific dietary elements according to TCM practices, and targeted area massage to her body. After a very short amount of this combination of treatments Rollie showed marked improvement in her health and mental outlook. I believe that Dr KK’s holistic approach to this unusual problem would be able to achieve a very positive outcome for other little doggies suffering from this ailment.

Many regards
Desley and Rollie



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