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About This Project

Suzie is my beautiful 10 year old Clavier King Charles Fur baby. She was a Beautiful, happy and loveable dog who love’s lots of cuddle and affection.

A Year and a half ago Suzie was diagnosis with server arthritis in the spine. Suzie’s treatment combine of  regular 6 weeks vet visit  for Cartrophen injection and to manage her pain was prescribed Metacam for pain relief which Suzie is not allow to use continuously because it is not good for her internal organs.

Late last year her condition became worse she need more metacam in short period of time between each dose and this concern me. Also the happy loveable dog was not so happy and not comfortable with hugs and pats she would move away from us when we got to close to her. Suzie condition was deteriorating quite quickly.

I meet is lovely lady by chance and by her looking at Suzie knew that she has issues with her back and suggested Acupuncture. This amazing Lady mention that she takes her fur babies to KK who does amazing thing with animal who have varies illness and variety of conditions by using acupuncture.

I spoke to my vet and my vet said that this could benefited for Suzie and it is worth a try. My vet also recommended KK.

My first session with KK was fantastic she was really good with Suzie, and Suzie felt at easy very quickly and handle the treatment quite well.

I notice the change in Suzie within a few hours from her first treatment. Suzie came to me for a cuddle and even sat next to me on the lounge which she hasn’t done in a while.

Suzie has now had five treatment of acupuncture with KK already with her last appointment Suzie was so relaxed she was almost a sleep. She is now a different dog. Not only that I haven’t had the need to give Metacam medication to Suzie since her second treatment.

With the help of acupuncture and Herbal powders for arthritis and pain and also a change of Suzie Diet, she has now become dog the beautiful happy lovable affectionate self and I owe that to KK.

I am so appreciative to KK for helping Suzie; I would highly recommend KK to anyone who wants to give their fur pup a better quality of life.




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