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We have a male Golden Retriever named Archie. We got him as a puppy and he was healthy up until about 12 months of age. At this time he started to lose weight, going from 35kg to 26kg in 3 months. His hair became brittle and broke off, his eyes became cloudy, and there was a discharge from his ears and prepuce. It was of course, very concerning.

We tried 2 different Western style vets, who suggested anti-biotics. They had nothing else to offer and the drugs were not helping. We had heard of KK and her TCVM treatment from a work colleague so decided to seek her opinion.

KK quickly identified that Archie had a problem with liver heat. She immediately treated him with acupuncture and prescribed certain herbs. Within a few days his eyes began to lighten up, the discharge stopped and his energy improved.

Though Archie had improved, his weight was still low and he wasn’t 100%. We decided to get a hair analysis to see what may be delaying his complete recovery. This analysis showed high levels of arsenic in his system. This definitely explained his symptoms and the stress on his liver.

The source of the arsenic was from a pet food supplier providing us with raw chicken. Arsenic in chicken is a known major issue, as any Google search will quickly prove.

We changed his diet and treated him for heavy metal poisoning. Within 10 days he began putting on weight, his stools became normal, his hair became thicker and more lush, and his eyes became clear and white. His tongue went from a dark red, almost purple colour, to a light pink.

Through this entire process, KK’s herbs and acupuncture provided the support required to get Archie through a very serious situation. Six weeks after changing his diet and starting the heavy metal removal, he was off the herbs and back in balance.

KK’s caring attitude to Archie has always been clear. He is always happy to see her, which pretty much speaks for itself. I have no hesitation in recommending KK to any caring pet owner.


-Ross and Julie from Eumandi



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