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Bundy Buchannan – Unknown cause of illness

My Staffy named Bundy was 9 yrs old when I first took her to her regular Vet (Western Medicine) for a checkup as I was worried about her health. I just felt she was unwell. Her symptoms all seemed vague with nothing definite for her vet to go on, but I was worried about her. Her appetite was poor but she’d eat with coaxing. She seemed a bit ‘down in the dumps’, not her usual zest for life. Her eyes lacked that happy sparkle & she was slowly losing weight.

The vet checked her over & couldn’t find any reason for these symptoms. It was decided to do a blood test, take her home, observe her & come back if still worried. Her blood test came back everything showing normal.

Over the next couple of months I took her back to the vet a couple of times. One visit she had an unexplained high temperature for which she was put on antibiotics. These helped but didn’t cure,
so a repeat prescription followed. A urinalysis was done, which was all clear. Another blood test was taken which was also showed within normal. Nothing was showing up that even gave an indication to what possible organ system was involved. It was decided the next step would be an Ultrasound.

This slow deterioration of Bundy had been going on for about 6 months now. I was getting more & more concerned for her welfare. At this rate I felt she was not going to be alive in another 12

The diagnostic tests appeared to becoming more & more invasive to her body & going to involve being away from her family – which she HATES!

This is when I heard about TCVM & best of all… there was a local practitioner (Dr. K.K.) Being a user of TCM for myself, I decided I wanted to try this for Bundy before resorting to any
further invasive procedures.

Bundy had her first TCVM consultation & treatment. I also requested Bundys’ previous blood test results & treatment notes to show Dr. K.K. her history. It was a very thorough & comprehensive

At this first consultation, Bundy had an acupuncture treatment (which she didn’t mind at all). She was also put on some Chinese Herbs to take daily & given a food therapy diet to follow to
maximise healing. I was also shown Tuina Massage to follow up with at home to assist healing.

I am a TCVM Fan!! We still don’t have a ‘label’ or definitive diagnosis in Western Medicine terms for Bundys’ illness. But she was started on a complete treatment plan, while previously it felt we
couldn’t treat as we didn’t know a name. In the mean time Bundys’ health was going downhill. And now, over 12 yrs old & 18 months after starting TCVM Bundy is doing so well & is a happy, healthy & licking Staffy.

I love the way this has prevented Bundy needing any invasive treatment, other than an acupuncture needle. If you’ve never had a acupuncture needle… a blood test is far worse! Bundy never went to hospital, she was always in her very comfortable home surroundings. And it was an all natural treatment… NO Pharma drugs at all.


-Janet from Tewantin



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