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Brenna – Chula Cushing Dog

Can you explain briefly what happened with your fluffy friend and why you sought help from TCVM – Dr.KK

We received Chula at age 9, and she was overweight. She had a crusiey life living with and elderly lady, and required rehoming once her owner went into aged care. Chula slowly started to deteriorate over the next couple of years, she always drank a lot, and urinated a lot too, and was always hungry (although I thought this was a daschund trait) with a very big belly that nearly touched the ground. I began to worry when she was losing hair, and muscle tone. I took Chula to our local vet and they mentioned Chula could have cushings. To treat would be very expensive. A large amount of money to get a blood test, and then expensive medication (around $100 per month) for the rest of her life. Chula was fed organic dried dog food.

What sort of treatment did your fluffy have with/without Western medicine and TCVM treatment and what was the outcome?

We discovered KK through a friend, just before I was about to go through the western medicine route. KK gave Chula accupuncture and assessed her in the cosy setting of her home. Chula is usually very anxious going to the vet, but appeared to be very happy to be assessed by KK. When Chula came home we immediately changed her diet which was mixed with herbs provided by KK. We saw an immediate change in Chula. She was defecating without strain, and drinking and urinating less. She also began to grow back patches of hair and lost some weight around her mid section. As there is no cure for cushings, only to make the dog feel comfortable and to manage the condition. Chula seems more lively and happier in general, I look forward to all of her hair growing back. We have also taken our cattle cross labrador off dried dog food and have fed her the same diet (without the herbs). She seems to have more energy, and has slimmed with a shiner coat, which also makes us very happy.

What did you like about the TCVM treatment?

KK treatment, while could be viewed as expensive, was actually much more affordable than the Western solution (which did not change diet and was to give drugs). I love that its a lifestyle change, which makes a lot of sense to me and aligned with my beliefs. KK is also a very loving and compassionate person

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with TCVM?

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist Chula to heal



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