Joint Pain
About This Project

KK’s Holistic Veterinary Service has been looking after my doggie ‘Gemma’, a now 13 year old Border Collie for the past 4 years.

I first went to KK when it appeared Gemma was starting to show signs of Arthritis in the back legs at the age of 9.

Conventional vets wanted to treat the condition with medication and pain killers which over time can cause problems to other organs of the body so I wanted to find someone who could possibly treat her condition in a more natural way.

From day 1, KK provided exceptional care for Gemma with Acupuncture Sessions and Chinese Herbal Powders to be simply added to her food. Gemma’s homemade diet I was giving her was the best and KK advised of other natural food (same as human food) to help with heat and cold signs in her body. This being a cheaper alternative to Western Medicine and lessening the toxins being added to her body was what I was looking for.

The improvement in her condition within 2-3 weeks was absolutely amazing. She was running around like a puppy showing no signs of pain or discomfort. Her condition continued to improve over the time with less frequent acupuncture sessions. KK shows us how to manipulate, massage and perform various limb stretching excercises, which Gemma loves, as it is relaxing and comforting for her.

With KK’s guidance and with simply controlling Gemma’s body signs through the addition of the necessary natural foods to her meals, with the assistance of the Chinese Herbal Powders, and now the less frequent acupuncture sessions, this is the only alternative for any animals I will ever take.

KK’s Veterinary Clinic is also so different to the Conventional Vet Clinics. It is a one on one experience with no other animals waiting in the reception, which can cause anxiety to a sick animal and KK performs all her work at the dog’s level. On the floor. This makes it even relaxing for us humans who take our animals to the vets when they need treatment.

Gemma was treated by a Conventional Vet for a Haematoma on her ear. This was before knowing about KK’s Veterinary Service. She was operated on and put through the anxiety of this together with the after operation discomfort. Her ear was scared and out of shape. She developed another Haematoma in her other ear during the years I was having her treated by KK.

KK provided Gemma with a Chinese Herbal Powder for this and amazing enough, the Haematoma disappeared within 3 weeks. Absolutely Amazing. No Operation, No Pain, No After Operation Discomfort. Simply a powder in her food fixed the problem.

With continued support by KK who is always contactable by phone and happy to provide guidance should I have any concerns about Gemma’s condition at any time, is the most comforting and valued asset I can have.

I always recommend KK’s Veterinary Service as I strongly believe that this TCVM treatment is the only way to go.



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