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We noticed a large “cyst”, black in colour and about the size of a 10 cent piece. Took her to Garry at Maple Street Vets and a needle biopsy revealed a mast cell cancerous tumour. Garry did some amazing surgery to remove it and achieved a clear margin. Blood histology unfortunately gave a bad result with all signs pointing to cancerous invasion with a not so favourable prognosis and potential outcome. Garry patiently explored many options, including chemotherapy but we felt a real peace about looking at alternatives. Garry introduced us to Kaori and so began a most amazing journey of healing and management of Maddison’s cure. We have historically taken our Malamutes to Henry Stephenson who has also administered amazing Veterinary care especially in the area of homeopathics. Kaori’s plan of health care appealed to us as everything just seemed logical.

Maddison began a regime of frequent (bi weekly) acupuncture and administration of Chines herbs. Words like “Chi” and “Stagnation” became part of our conversation. To this day I don’t understand that side of it all but just because I don’t understand something doesn’t mean it won’t work. Already Maddison was on quite a healthy diet, but Kaori helped us to add certain foods and herbs to help with Maddi’s healing and general well being. This changes with the seasons and at times as Kaori suggests, we remove or reinstate certain vegetables and meats. With dishes of quinoa, crab meat, red kidney beans, pearl barley perhaps some prawn and pink salmon (do you get the idea that Maddi eats quite well?) along with sweet potatoe and pumpkin, shitake mushrooms, turmeric and honey – not always all in the same meal but often they are but offering a great variety of dishes – Maddi has a menu the envy of many humans. The outcome from this has seen Maddison steadily regain her “spark” and for us I guess the knowledge that from such a terrible diagnosis Maddi has maintained a steady healthy lifestyle. From a death sentence we have just celebrated 3 years of quality life with Maddi. She walks every day and has a healthy appetite. Maddi is now 12 so for a dog of advanced years Maddi presents very well.

The treatment for Maddi has appealed to us as we know no harsh chemicals or procedures have been administered to her. Maddi has not had day after day of showing signs of illness and none of the
known side effects of more usual medicines. Don’t get me wrong, we have and will in the future use Western medicine to treat our animals if after intelligent and thoughtful consideration we though that that may be necessary, but our first plan would be TCVM. We are currently having our Birman cat treated my Kaori for a condition; idiopathic vestibulism (I think that is the term) that western medicine would treat completely differently and in a way that in which we would feel uncomfortable. Kaori’s treatment plan offers a healing with little or no side effects of which we are aware and a good positive outcome.

Our experience with TCVM has been astounding. I am not sure if it Kaori’s approach and passion that makes it so effective, but we have had only positive outcomes from every treatment. All 3 of our Malamutes have had Kaori treatments for various ailments and all with great outcomes. Vets are the most amazing people on the face of the earth and we have had many good experiences, but to have been part of the whole cancer journey with our little girl under the guidance of Kaori has brought us much peace and confidence. We have recommended TCVM to many of our doggie friends and will continue to do so. My only wish and dream is that more people can embrace this treatment not as an alternative or a last attempt but an early if not first consideration for the health and healing of their animals.


-Al and Pam (and Maddi too) from Lake MacDonald



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