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Thank you to Kona’s family in Peregian Springs for telling us about Dr KK in February 2015.

Yumi had been finding it increasingly difficult to walk without pain, lameness and limping. She was carrying extra kilos despite strict diet restriction and had not responded successfully to physiotherapy, swimming therapy or one needle electro acupuncture.

X-rays failed to give a clear diagnosis or prognosis. We became fearful that we may have to consider that our girl might not be with us much longer given the level of trauma and pain seeking treatment options was causing her. The rapidly increasing “human” assistance with walking, toileting etc was not going to be sustainable.

Dr KK kindly visited Yumi at home. 48 hours after her acupuncture session Yumi was able to take herself outside unassisted. A combination of Food Therapy, Chinese Herbs, daily massage and regular acupuncture turned our lives around.

5 months after meeting Dr KK we were able to take a 3 month camping holiday! Who would have imagined that car travel and walks on the beach would again be possible for our girl. The video link says it all!

Thank you Dr KK from the bottom of our hearts for this unexpected and amazing past 3 years. We are so grateful to know that we have you and TCVM to keep Yumi comfortable and well in such a gentle nourishing way in her twilight years xxx



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